Naples Strings has performed at more than 2,000 weddings over the last 25 years, from train rides to San Francisco to boat rides to Catalina. From an I Love Lucy-themed wedding (chosen by the bride) to a Star Wars-themed wedding (chosen by the groom), each couple makes their day unique. Naples Strings is there to help.

From the first phone call …

Our goal is to make the bride feel comfortable. Often brides are referred by a venue or a coordinator, but however you find us, we will start with the same questions.

  • What is your date?
  • Where is your wedding?
  • How many guests?
  • What times would you want us to perform (i.e. ceremony and reception, just the reception, etc.)?
  • What instruments would you like?

Our Ensembles

Naples Strings features either a trio, a quartet or a quintet option. Each musician will be wearing formal attire (unless otherwise specified). Men will be in tuxedos and women in formal, elegant black. Each ensemble can perform any of the music selections we offer.

String Trio

  • 2 violins and a cello

Flute Trio

  • Flute, violin, and a cello

String Quartet

  • 2 violins, a viola, and a cello

Flute Quartet

  • 1 flute, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello

String Quintet

  • 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 string bass

Flute Quintet

  • 1 Flute, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 string bass

What is the difference between a trio vs. a quartet vs. a quintet?

The trio is a lovely sound, very versatile in their repertoire, and appropriate when the guest count is under 150.

The quartet has an additional instrument … the viola. This gives the quartet a bigger, richer sound. More appropriate for a guest count of 150 or more, an outside event, or more in-depth classical music, i.e. Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn String Quartets.

The quintet provides a very big sound. The addition of the upright bass gives the entire ensemble a very deep sound, thus more depth and volume. This is a great group when your guest count is over 250.

Do I need to know which ensemble and what music I want when I book?

No. For contract purposes, we can start with a trio, and then if you would like a quartet or  a quintet we can add the viola and sting bass at a later date. As long as we know a month or so before your wedding, we can customize your ensemble to your needs.

As for your music selections, we will need to finalize your songs selection at least 3 weeks before your wedding. This gives us time to perfect your specific repertoire.

What type of music can you perform?

Rock, Pop and Bach! Naples Strings can perform a wide variety of music, anything from popular music like Santana and Lady Gaga to traditional classical selections from Mozart and Bach. We will work with you to determine exactly what music you want.



                                 1 hour          2 hours

String Trio                   $ 700            $ 900

Flute Trio                    $ 700            $ 900

String Quartet             $ 800          $1,200

Flute Quartet               $ 800          $1,200

Sting Quintet              $1,000          $1,500

Flute Quintet              $1,000          $1,500

What do the musicians require on the day of the wedding?

Regardless of which ensemble you select, we have a few simple requirements:

  • 1 armless chair for each musician
  • a shaded or indoor performance area

For performances that are more than 3 hours, we also require meals to be provided. This can be as simple as a boxed lunch, and is usually arranged via the venue.

What is the process on the day of the wedding?

Your ensemble will arrive between 30 to 40 minutes before we are scheduled to begin our performance. We will meet with the coordinator and review any final requests. We begin playing music about 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony as the guests arrive (this is called the prelude). During this time we usually play light or popular classical selections, but will play whatever the bride chooses. At the designated time, we will begin the ceremony music. Usually there are about 4 to 6 specific songs for each ceremony, depending on the length of your procession and ceremony.

Sample Wedding Ceremony Repetoire

Song 1: Most wedding processions start with the officiant, followed by the grandparents, parents, groom, and best men. We often play Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desires by Bach or Air by Handel.


Song 2: The second song generally accompanies the bridal party, including bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, as they walk down the aisle. We often play Canon in D by Pachelbel at this point. We will continue to play this song while the bridal party gets into place.


Song 3: This is the BIG song: It is time for the Bride. The guests usually stand as we start the first notes of the Bride’s processional song, usually The Wedding March by Wagner. If the bride wants an alternate song, we can play whatever she chooses.


Song 4: Often the bride and groom have a song during the ceremony for custom traditions, such as exchanging roses with their mothers, a remembrance of a family member, etc. This is called an interlude.


Song 5: The ceremony’s last song is the recessional, after the couple’s first kiss as spouses as the bridal party walks back down the aisle. Often we perform the traditional Recessional by Mendelssohn, but we are able to play any song you select, such as Happy by Burno Mars or All You Need Is Love by The Beatles.


Song 6: After the recessional, we play the postlude, which is performed as the guests exit.

What happens if a musician is ill or cannot make the wedding?

Since 1992, Naples Strings has never missed a wedding! If one of our performers is unable to perform, we will provide a substitute.

How far do we travel?

Most of the wedding we perform are in Los Angeles or Orange County, but we also travel to  Santa Barbara, Ojai, Temecula, Fallbrook, Catalina and San Diego.

How do I reserve Naples Strings?

We will discuss specific wedding details: name, phone number, email, date of wedding, time and location. This can all be done in an email. I put a contract together, email it to you and you return a copy with the deposit of 50% to reserve your date. About one month before your wedding, we will discuss specific songs for your wedding ceremony, and refine the timeline. The payment balance is due one week before your wedding.

We accept checks, cash. and PayPal.


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