The Ensemble

What styles of music does Naples Strings offer?
Classical, Religious, Secular, Contemporary

What types of groups does Naples Strings offer? 
Trios, Quartets, Quintets, and Double Quartets.  Please visit our Services page for a description of each arrangement.

What is the difference between a trio and a quartet?
The quartet has more depth and a fuller sound than the trio. We strongly suggest booking a quartet or larger for events with more than 150 guests. Please visit our Services page for a description of each arrangement.

How do I decide between a flute ensemble and all strings?
Some people like the flute, others like the violins.  Both instruments can perform the same selections, so it is simply a matter of your preference.  Listen to some of our music samples to see which instrument appeals to you more.

Is Naples Strings available on my date? 
We book events on a first come/first served basis.  Please contact us directly to see if we are available for your event.  We require a signed contract and deposit to secure your date.

When was Naples Strings established?
Naples Strings (formerly Naples Chamber Ensembles) was founded in 1990.

Is Naples Strings insured?

Does Naples Strings travel outside the Los Angeles and Orange County area?
Yes, we travel outside of the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Even to Catalina, which is a lovely boat ride away).

Is a consultation offered?
We specialize in designing and customizing the music program specifically for your event.  To do so, we offer free consultations.

Is there a fee for the consultation?


Selection of the Music Program

Can the musicians play with someone not in their group?
Yes. If a friend or family member wishes to play with the group, we are happy to include them in the ensemble.

Can Naples Strings accompany singers? 
Yes. In order to accompany singers who have never performed with our group before, our musicians must discuss certain musical terms, such as keys, tempo, prior to the wedding.  Additionally, the group will require a rehearsal with the singer, which is usually scheduled on the day of the event.

Can Naples Strings provide singers?
Yes. Naples Strings works with both male and female vocalists.

What if I have a special request? Can you do it and is there an extra charge?
Yes, we can do it if the song is available in sheet music. The price will be determined by the level of difficulty in arranging the song. If you have a special request, please contact us with details and we'll be happy to discuss it.


Fee Structure

Is there a charge for rehearsal time? 
If all of the songs chosen are from the group’s current repertoire (as discussed during the booking process), there is no charge for rehearsal time.  If there are more than 2 special songs, there will be a pro-rated fee for the rehearsal.


Booking Your Event

How do I reserve the date?
Once you return a signed contract and pay your deposit, your date is reserved.

What is the payment schedule? 
The deposit is one-half the total cost of the event and is required to reserve the date.  The remaining balance is due one week prior to your event.

What happens if I need Naples Strings to play longer than expected? 
Generally, our musicians are able to accommodate additional playing time, but the rate is higher and the musicians’ availability cannot be guaranteed.  If you feel as though your event will run later than expected, speak with Elaine Tubinis during one of the group’s breaks.

As we design your program, a timeline will be developed to avoid any unintentional overtime charges.


The Day of the Event

When do the Naples Strings musicians arrive? 
The musicians arrive between 15 to 50 minutes prior to the contracted start time.

Is amplification used? 
No.  Our group performs acoustically, which allows us to change locations quickly, and requires no special set-up.

What does the ensemble require? 
Depending on the size of the ensemble, our musicians each require armless chairs (trio=3, quartet=4, quintet=5, double quartet=8).  Additionally, if the event is outdoors, adequate shade is necessary to protect the delicate varnish of the instruments.

What do the musicians usually wear? 
Women are dressed in elegant concert black, and men are in tuxedoes.

Can Naples Strings play for only one hour? 
Yes. We have a one-hour minimum.